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Preparing for and Returning from Parental Leave Seminar

Being prepared for your return to work


Our training seminars provide an opportunity to acquire work/life balance skills first hand. 

In addition our seminars are a means of building a knowledge base through the real life experiences of other participants. 

Each seminar offers practical alternatives on how to efficiently and effectively manage your obligations to spouses and children while meeting career goals and employment obligations.

Advice given within a seminar is never in the form of direction. Rather the discussion encompasses alternative methods and attitudes to problems that arise from challenging family situations in regards to the effect on an employee's work place obligation.

A team of experienced and qualified professionals who understand first hand what it is like combine work and family has developed the “Preparing for and Returning from Parental Leave” seminar.

We believe that this seminar is invaluable in assisting employees manage daily work/life issues and is extremely effective in increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

This seminar assists working parents by providing:

  • Strategies to better manage diverse personal and career goals
  • Strategies to assist the launch back into career
  • Organisational strategies to help get family members in & out the door on a daily basis
  • Strategies for preparing the family and child for childcare

The successful outcomes of our seminars can be measured by the positive comments from participants.

The workshop “was particularly relevant in preparing to return to work, especially the childcare section..”

“I believe that putting some of the time saving tips and managing relationship tips will make a difference to my family...”

“I was thinking of not returning to work, but this course made me think twice. Now I have to negotiate with my managers.”

“Opened my eyes for what lays ahead and for me personally the planning stages.”

“I can now better organise my family and cope with work and leaving my daughter at the carer”.

“This workshop gave me ideas and what to expect from childcare and coping when I return to work.”

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