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FamilyBiz is a range of tools and services designed to assist employees to maintain a better work/life balance. [more]

Our training seminars provide an opportunity to acquire work/life balance skills first hand.  [more]

Transitioning to Retirement
In a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald titled “Job Boom for baby boomers” it was reported that from 2017 the qualifying pension age will increase every two years so that by 2023 it will be 67 years of age (October 10, 2010). [more]

Diversity at Work
“Diversity” is a word that is often used in workplaces but is rarely understood by people. Diversity has a broad meaning and is more than supporting Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) [more]

Preparing for a Move to Aged Care
Convincing elderly loved ones to move from the comfort of the home they've known for many years into an assisted living situation can be one of the toughest hurdles for families and friends to face. Danielle Robertson discusses how best to go about initiating this difficult process. [more]

Greening the Office
While many companies continue to photocopy one-sided on virgin white paper, drink water from polystyrene cups, buy energy inefficient equipment and have no paper recycling system in place, leading edge organisations are taking steps to green their offices. [more]

Pondering Parenthood
When is the best time to have a child? How will it fit with your lifestyle and what impact will it have on your career? Is having a child before the age of 25 advisable when your career is perhaps still in its infancy but your fertility is at a premium, or is it better to wait until your 30s, as more people are choosing to do, when career paths and bank balances are likely to be more established. [more]

Strategies to effectively manage an outbreak of head lice in your family. [more]

Staying Sane While Working from Home
Working from home may seem like the ideal solution for those seeking some flexibility around how, when and where they work. Some of us find that working from home results in greater productivity from the time we save by spending less time commuting to and from work, and less interruptions that we have in the office. [more]

Fighting Teen Depression
Here we look at two programs to help families and teens combat depression.[more]

Online Learning
Technology has probably played a large role in your ability to work effectively flexibly. Likewise, technology can play a large role in ensuring those that work flexibly have access to the best in training and development. [more]

Motivation when working part-time
Whether you work full or part-time, there are many times during our career where our motivation levels can be less than fantastic.[more]

Career coaching for parents with teenagers - Part Two
Part two of our series of articles that will assist with tools and strategies to help teens find meaning, purpose and direction?[more]

Work-life balance and the economy
It seems that every day we hear more gloom and doom from economic experts regarding the future direction of world economies. If the majority of these experts are to be believed we are headed into tough economic times, perhaps the worst the world has ever seen. So if they are right what does this mean to the Australian workplace landscape and in particular the new National Employment Standards proposed for 2010 [more]

Career coaching for parents with teenagers - Part One
Are you wanting to support and guide your teenager in their career planning? Is your teenager struggling to find a career path? Do you want some tools and strategies to assist them in finding meaning, purpose and direction? [more]

Doing business in other languages
Knowing the ins and outs of doing business across cultures is widely recognised as having a huge impact on sales, recruitment, acquisitions, marketing, mergers and management. The smallest blunder, no matter how innocent, could have a major negative impact on people and business relations. [more]

I want to look like them….. the pressure to be perfect
As well as dealing with the pressures of their peers, many girls (and women) are influenced by the seemingly perfect appearance of others presented relentlessly in the media. Perhaps if they realised 95% of images they see have been digitally altered, they would be less demanding of themselves to conform to such unrealistic standards. [more]

Growing independent kids
It is often said that parents should work themselves out of their job: that the ultimate goal for parents is to become redundant. While parents’ love and support will always be valuable throughout their children’s lives, it is vital that young people develop the capacity to manage life for themselves in a robust and resilient manner. [more]

Show a little respect...Golden rules for first-time managers
According to De Backman-Hoyle, director of Inspired Workforce Performers, one of the biggest mistakes new managers make – regardless of their age – is in thinking a manager requires a different profile of a person, such as being a disciplinarian. [more]

Choosing Subjects
What do you want to do? A simple but scary question when you are 15 or 16 years old. Every student planning to undertake a course of study in years 11 or 12 has had to consider this question, even if they don’t yet know the answer. In many ways, it really is the wrong question to ask, but more of that later. [more]

Working Out 9 to 5
Workplace fitness centres are booming across corporate Australia. According to a recent poll by global market research Angus Reid, employee fitness centres are one of the top three amenities employees are requesting. [more]

One of the most valuable skills we can develop is resilience. The ability to bounce back from set backs is central to our health and success in both work and personal life. [more]

Acts of Kindness
We can't all be like Bill Gates, the billionaire American software entrepreneur who donates large amounts of money to charitable organizations and scientific research programs. Not everyone has a few billion dollars to spare, although few people are without the capacity to give. [more]

Influencing in the Workplace
Why are some people able to sell ice to Eskimos, while others appear to be at war when they are putting their view forward? Influencing, like many other interpersonal skills is part art and part science. Certainly, some people are born with natural charisma; however the majority of us need to understand the steps and principles that make us truly influential. [more]

Learning Styles
Schools traditionally have focused most attention and importance on verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence. However in recent years, we have recognised that other abilities are important. [more]



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